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What is Osteoarthritis ?

What are Dorofen capsules composed of ?

How does Dorofen work ?

Why is Dorofen the preferred therapy for Osteoarthritis?

How often should I take Dorofen capsules?

What are the side effects of Dorofen capsules ?

Who should not use Dorofen capsules ?

If I am taking other medications, can I still take Dorofen capsules ?

How is Dorofen supplied?

What are the indications and usage?


  • This medication should only be used under the directions of your physician.
  • Keep this medication as well as other medications away from the reach of children.


Store in a cool dry place, protected from excessive heat and humidity.
Dorofen is a registered trade mark of Liptis Pharmaceuticals, New York, USA.
Manufactured in Egypt by Assuit Pharmaceutical Co. under license from Liptis Pharmaceuticals Corp., New York, USA.
Distributed by Sinai Trading Co., Cairo, Egypt.


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Dorofen™ is a registered trademark of Liptis Pharmaceuticals
a division of Liptis Laboratories, Inc. NY USA